Indian community in Nairobi

One of the reason why Safari in an awesome experience is that we can meet a lot of new people from different countries and cultures. People who came from different places on the globe just to see a birds, animals or African culture, like Masai. Me myself I had this lovely oppotunity to meet Krupali and her family during my adventure in savannah ­čÖé Orinally Indian, living in Kenya or England and creating an Indian community from generations. ┬áIt was a truly honor to meet them and see a bit of their life and get to know that in Nairobi there are not only black people who share the Kenyan identity.

I was actually pretty lucky because Krupali was joining only the first part of my 7 days safari. Moreover as she lives in England she was just visiting her Indian/Kenyan family for a short period. There was really something special about this girl and her relatives. So polite, calm and┬ásophisticated. What was also special about her family is that there were Jaina. It’s a one of the oldest Indian religions.┬áSelf-discipline and asceticism┬áare major focuses of Jainism and it prescribes a path of non-injury towards all living beings. Maybe that’s why I felt this special spirit of my new Indian/Kenyan friends?

Besides that the day with them was extramely interesting and ….tasty, thanks to Krupali’s mum snacks ­čśë Check out┬áthe gallery I’ve just posted.



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