Romantic weekend in Paris

Love, love, love…..

My first time in Paris happend with my mum, other highschool students and my teacher. Typical sighseeing tour with a special focus on historical monumnts. One week of walking from one church to another, talking about the historical events, art, culture and politics. It was actually great but not like my second time, when I went to Paris to meet my boyfriend and have a typical romantic weekend (actually few days) there.

We accommodated in a small, classy and absolutely adorable hotel in Saint Michelle in the central part of Paris.  Don’t remember the name unfortunatelly. Will ask my boyfriend and let you know  as the place is really worth to recommend;) The room was small too but modern and so “Paris” and Saint Michelle is probably one of the oldest and most romantic part of whole city.


We were really lucky about the weather that days and although we liked staying in our hotel room so much 😉 we were also enjoyed walking and admire what we’ve been seeing than never before. Couples who plan to spend the romantic and chill weekend in Paris schould definietly forget about ambitious plans to see all important places or trying to save some money and stay in a hostel with other ppl in a dirty suburbs, far from a heart of Paris. Insead of that – rent an appartment for both of you only or a nice, at least small room close to the center in a calm area. Really worth it! Than focus on your partner and the beauty that surround you.  Plan to see maximum one, two places a day! Like Louvre and Montmartre one day and Eiffel Tower or Elysian Fields with a Arc de Triomphe on Charles de Gaulle square the other with all the famous places around. If you have one day more, visit Notre Dame cathedral and Grand Palais.

At the evening, if  you like to do something crazy, just go to the club one night to dance with your partner (well…I love dancing with him) or buy a bottle of wine, graipes and french chees and go to the park under the Eiffel tower. (Champ-de-Mars). I’m sure that something fun might happend there 😉  The Food in Paris is actually a bit expensive. Well…all the things are expensive in Paris actually. But onion soup or classic French steak is obligatory 😉 The same like the authentic love kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower. Hope your romantic weekend would be as romantic as mine. Bon voyage!




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