One think I regret about my trip to Georgia

Georgia on my mind…..and probably not only my mind.

Funny that one of my best friend’s just asked me this morning about any recommendation regarding Georgia. Although I was really just about writing of my memories and how deeply amazed I am if we speak travelling through this country.

– Joanna, any hotels and restaurants you recommend there? Which city I schould consider to visit? What’s the best transport there? How about the wineries and foof?

Not sure I am the right person to ask but I did see a lot during that intensive week in this country (from the caucasian mountain to the seaside) and I did experienced a lot of different things. Starting from Kutaisi, which is literally the middle of the western part of Georgia, stopped in Tblisi – capital, for a two days couchsurfing (lovely story), hiking in the Stepancmina in the high mountain (and wasn’t prepared for that at all), expericing the countryside and Georgian hospitability in Ozurgeti and ended up in the seaside in Batumi. Basicaly that’s covering along and across the whole land. But obviously that’s not if someone knows this country well. But from the beggining.

Kutaisi. Wizzair, cheap fligh from Warsaw to the city. A friend of mine who stayed over a year in Georgia picked us with a Georgian guy who has a hostel in Kutaisi. This one was literally his home with a part for the guest. I knew that Georgia is nowadays very popular destination for Polish people. Cheap, close, exotic and virgin. So that we found only Polish people in that hostel…ready to drink. They of course brought homemade alkohol. Georgian host prepared the food and so that’s we started our evening. But the big different was the Georgian, absolutely lofty toasts, that contributed the  sequence and eminence to the evening. Everybody before his drink needed to announce what’s the occasion to drink, starting from the olders member to the table. And so we drank for our grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mums, children, health, work and so.  That was really special but heavy even though I was having my non-alkoholic drinks. What’s happend the next morning I will never forget. We relocated from our room, paid to the guy (that was really a hostel price, like 10 euros per person) but what the guy did…..he just went out to the closest shop, asked us to absolutely wait him to be back! He came back though, brought the sweets and alkohol and asked us to drink with him! I really hate drinking, especially heavy stuff. But he insisted that long and that strong that even me accepted to have a drink. I was really complitely wasted leaving that place. That’s how our first night ended and first day started. Welcome to Georgia!! Gonna continue about Georgia tomorrow or a bit later and share with you my biggest regrete, not even about my trip to Georgia but the biggest one regarding all my travels.




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