Formula 1 & Working in Media

Working in media isn’t for people who prefer a regular lifestyle and that need to have everything planned and organized. There is always something spontaneous happening and always something going on. I guess that’s why I really love it and I’m hoping to work in media for at least a few years.

Well…the second reason is that working in media makes other companies need you and give you stuff for free as they wanna be recognised, mentioned and show them in a positive light. In fact being a media person makes you someone who can influence things also which is great. This is why you receive a lot of stuff completely for free. Free invitations to almost everything from free food and dinners, free drinks, free parties, free tickets. You name it, we have received it 😊

I’m not so much a party or event person though. I’ll leave that to the Irish haha. Once in a while it’s good for me so thank God I don’t receive many invitations but I have some colleagues who sometimes can’t even choose which event to attend as they have so many offers. Seriously!!! Because of that they eat amazing dinners every night or party every night in amazing places…..for free. A life of luxury!

As I’m not a big fan of cars or crowded places like concerts of big stars I wouldn’t have expected to but I was invited anyway for the Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi and I decided to attend the race and concert of Lionel Richie there. Just to take in the experience and for The World Colors, so that I could shoot some pictures and videos.

Well….honestly speaking the race was so boring for me but I had lots of fun during the concert, especially because I was under the stage so that I could see Lionel so close. Hello, is it me you’re looking for? Very fun person, very good singer and very good speaker. I loved his speech about different generations of his fans. I’m in this group that he said, “I have no idea what’s it all about but I remember that my mum used to play this music sometimes on the cassette”.

Unfortunately I couldn’t shoot from my camera during the Lionel Richie concert because of flash and photography regulations so tfor some photos and videos you need to check my insta account: theworldcolors

Thank you 😊

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