Orphanage in Bali

  • You are taking me to the orphanage today? Seriously? It’s my holiday dude! And you are taking me to the orphanage?

That was pretty much my first reaction when the manager of the hotel informed me that the package of my stay includes different activities and that tomorrow they are going to take me to the orphanage. I had just arrived in Bali, I was still stressed by work and wanted to just chill and have a pleasant time, to rest and calm down – that was the whole idea of coming to Bali and this pretty fancy resort. So why did they want to involve me in something that harsh and upsetting? I panicked.

I didn’t expect though that actually they are taking me to one of the happiest places and a place where I could learn so much. I want to be back there one day for longer…but from the beginning.

Due to the patriarchal culture in Bali, orphans usually come from a family where the father has died and the mother has married a second man and the new man doesn’t accept the previous children. It is a sad situation. The opposite situation – when the woman doesn’t accept a new man’s child doesn’t happen really. Are women are more wicked or more kind in Bali? I don’t know but I have been told that this is how the social issue happens.

IMG_20161227_002332_902.jpgThe children in the orphanage seemed to be very positive and not at all lonely . You could easily notice that they are supportive and loved each other; hugging, helping and smiling. They showed me fully around their home which was quite spacious including their houses to sleep, their outdoor and indoor kitchens, the school, nursery, asharama for yoga and meditation area where they practice twice a day!  They have their own goats and cows that they have to take care of.  I had a very inspirational discussion with the tutor of children. He told me the story of how he created the whole place and that the most important thing for him, apart from providing good education and care for the children is to make them kind and good people so that the know the meaning of life and can be happy whatever. By the way, I called him Mr. Ketut as he seems to be a perfect life couch and an expert about yoga philosophy so if you are looking for Ketut from” Eat, Pray, Love” go to this place and speak to with him. He is the one, I’m sure.

At the place we were eating together, talking. We practised yoga together or actually they taught me some.It was really outstanding to listen to their music that they sing and play with. As I sang in the choir a while ago, I taught them one African song as well. Surprisingly they learnt it very fast and just a few days back I received the video (attached) from the tutor where they sing it quite well.

While doing all that I felt that I could stay there for really long so then I ask if they actually have long-term visitors and not surprisingly – they do. Sometimes people from different countries stay there with the children for few weeks, doing different duties to help this childrens community and learn yoga and meditation (and meaningful life, I could say).

Would you like to help and send a donation to the children? Contact: sudiraketut@yahoo.com



……and here a month after my visit.

Be happy in life 😊



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