Fall in love in Levant Street Food

Zaroob – one of the first places and food concept that truly amazed me in Dubai. I already loved levant cuisine – probably it’s is my favouirite till now. But the concept of the place is just genius in its simplicity.

Here you can watch my short video from the opening:

Zaroob was launched in 2010 by the Zuhour Group. It is a concept inspired by the traditional street food vendors found around the Levant region. After 7 years of success of their branches on Sheikh Zayed Road, Golden Mile, Ibn Batuta Mall – China Court, Buheirah Corniche Sharjah, Zaroob now adds its colorful touch to the Dubai Marina area, strategically located in The Radisson Blu Residence.

zaroob-dubai-du1215Zaroob’s concept aims to introduce people to the ‘real feel’ of walking through traditional streets of the Levant area with the restaurants’ live cooking stations in an open kitchen setting and traditional decorations from the Arab world. Combining both the finest recipes and the most elegant of experiences with colorful setting, mouthwatering authentic dishes like the Fateh, the wholesome Kibbeh, the fantastic fried haloummi or the original Koshari – an Egyptian dish of rice and lentils topped with pasta, tomato sauce, chickpeas and crispy fried onions – the time at this location is surely going to strike chords with guests, from breakfat to late diner. Everything they prepare is made from fresh ingridiens. From the falafel to the very essential fried onion on our koshari, these are traditional dishes served just the way our guests would expect them. It is very important to keep the basics right when we are growing and Zaroob will always be warm welcoming with traditional, delicious food that takes you back home. The spacious location in Marina is surely going to house a lot more of our visitors while giving them a glimpse of the lively city as well!” said Nasser Zuhour, Founder of Zuhour Group.

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