I really believe that we – in itself create ourselfs and we can literally become what ever we wish if we are hardworking & patient enough – sometimes it might take a while to get somewhere we want to get. However not all the ideas we have about ourselfs, all the dreams  and scenarios are good for our well-beeing and happiness. At least these are the conclusions I’ve learnt during my 30 years life.

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I observe that some people really tend to sacrifice the happiness or perhaps define it in a different way than me – taking a bit of it from social prestigious only or money-collection’s satisfaction. Or some people are just goal-oriented – enjoying every minute of getting to the final – lucky bastards?

It is a bit personal what I am about to write but last two years I have been doing for a living something that I truly hate – I’ve been selling ads to different type of clients. I have been doing that to save money! Money that I can use to invest in my interest perhaps. I lost a lot of time doing something so fluffy and however I think I am not ready yet to start getting money from my photography & videography interests only and it is too early to make it as a career but….I will at least stop doing what I don’t support and don’t believe in.


I am still confused – can I still be confused as I am almost 30! …of what is my career?  But without trying things and doing what is interesting to us how can we find out what is truly for us? What is our right career path and the way to simply make living the way we feel satisfied? Why it is so easy for some people to find out what they wanna do in life right at the beginning of their adult life? Maybe they are not that complicated? Maybe they are lucky to find it a bit  quicker? Maybe they have never been socially pressurized and have space to think of what what they enjoy. Maybe…they listen deeply themselves only? Or opposite actually?

I remember my first day at Law School ( yes, I was a law student for a while). I met at least a few people who already knew which type of layer they wanna be and which type of law they wanna specialize in that day (  first day of a 5 years school). If you are a law student you, decide your specialization after you graduate on a Master Degree, so usually after 5 and more years. That was our first day only and they have had already plans for what they will do in a couple of years. Damn impressive!

It was actually one of the top questions and “must- answer”thing in this law cults – what type of law you wanna specialize in – criminal law, civil law? Are you planning to become a judge perhaps or a prosecutor? F*ck me! Most of them they have never even work for law-firm or anything related. I did…exactly the whole summer before starting my study and that actually made me start to feel that law isn’t for me. Long story short I quit law after two years of studying it. And that was probably one of the first decisions I took by myself only and for myself.

The other thing made me re-think my choice was… those students and the environment. I started asking myself – do I really wanna work in this type of environment? And one day the answer was – definitely no! From various reasons. I am too sensitive for that and have a completely different type of character and interests!

…and here I am, still without an obvious idea for a career and without a clue how to jump on the right path but with a strong desire to learn and do few things – writing, photography & videography and continue my journey of opening my eyes for the world and truth. Keep your fingers crossed please because soon I am going to change the name of this blog for homeless vlogger and be very poor for a while but maybe happier 🙂


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