” Travelling the world for few months or a year “



” Visiting different countries, staying in a different city or a village for a week or two “

giphy (6)


” Meeting different people every single day, making friends from around the world “

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For many of us that is a very far away dream. Money! Time… – how we could afford it? – quitting a job and spending the whole saving for travelling rather than sacrifice your future of a comfortable and regular job, apartment or settling the business?


Travelling the world – that’s crazy and dangerous!


would say my grandmother



giphy (3)Apparently that is not that crazy for many young Israeli.


According to Forbes:

” (…) Each year, 75,000 of young Israeli soldiers are discharged from the Israel Defense Force. A third of them then travel across Asia and South America, supporting businesses at home and abroad (…). 

I have been travelling South-Eastern Asia recently and I was amazed by amount of young Israeli who travel for at least couple of months with their backpacks only. Usually they travel individually or with one or two friends. It is quite easy for them to meet other Israeli who do the same things as there is simply many of them from exact same reason. They take the money that the government gives them for servicing to the country for 2-3 years and many of them – instead of starting to work straight away they decide to sign up for the best university on the world which is T R A V E L I N G .


giphy (7)Indeed I believe this is perhaps the best life education that you can afford. You have to be responsible for yourself, quite disciplined, learn social skills if you don’t have them yet, because you might depends a lot on others. You make international connections,  get ideas for some business for the future, you are getting to know other mentalities and ways of thinking and probably the most important – you are learning how the world function in overall. It is definitely the best cross-cultural training you can make in your entire life & it is the best way to know yourself deeply. Believe me, is worth or even extremely necessary to know yourself very well before you choose the career path or life-partner 😉

Moreover, it is becoming mainstream thing in Israel and the idea spreads the world. There is more and more people who save money and travel the world nowadays. According to a 2011 report by the World Tourism Organization (…) youth travelers comprised 20 percent of the 940 million international tourists in 2010 and generated $165 billion in tourism revenues. Young travelers have usually less money but they are rich with time, so they tend to travel much longer and spend almost three times more than the average international tourist (…).

giphy (5)When I was in Cambodia and Thailand I have been actually asking those long-term travelers how much saving people need for such backpacking. The cost depends on how extreme you can go. Since you can also have no money and travel as well – yes, it is also possible but risky and you depend too much on others as for my taste. you can go to some countries and work there in schools or hostels or do other kind of York – whatever is available for you. However – the standard backpacking package – let’s called like that, where you can eat and pay for normal food in each place and rent a room in a hostel (so basic standard – nothing fancy but you don’t stay with cockroaches ) would cost you in Asia or South America  around 1000 $ per month including transport. I actually calculated more or less and concluded that – I would have to save for a while but that is quite realistic and easy to do! And since I believe that this can gives me a lot – why not to try it?

More over – this idea fits perfectly THE WORLD COLORS vibes 😉  and I could have even better inspiration than I have here in Dubai.

Would you travel that long? Would you sacrifice your saving to do that? Do you think you would come back as the same?

What do you think about Israeli who travel the world before starting their careers and regular life?

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidyin/2013/12/19/out-of-israel-into-the-world/#672913f9367d

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