How many people do you know who travel Africa regularly and often? How many people travel Asia or South Africa? I am guessing that at least few of your friends travelled to Thailand, Bali or Peru last year only and maybe one who travelled Africa in the same time?

Am I correct? Yes?

So why is that?

A search on reveals that “(…) Cusco, Lima has 29 hostels, compared to 4 in Nairobi, Kenya, which has 10 times Cusco’s population (…)”. There is quite many cases of kidnapping people in Africa. 72% of all kidnapp foreign national took a place in Africa. Libya accounts for the highest recorded levels of kidnapping of foreigners since 2014. There has also been a resurgence of piracy because of the stagnant political situation.

Another thing is the cost of travelling through Africa. I have been visiting Kenya two years back. It is one of the most beautiful places that I have been to and I recommend going there to anyone I know. However one of the biggest surprise there are the prices – relatively high when it comes to quality of the services we receive for what we have to pay.



Simply – for the same standard of accommodation, food, transport & attractions we would pay much less in most of the places in Asia. Starting price of the cheapest safari is around 100 $ per day and believe me – you don’t want to do 1 day only. However there is something special about Africa. The landscapers are outstanding. The animals and nature are from different world. Watching life there make you feel like you are literally in a paradise. I haven’t been in many places in Africa yet but those few times were enough to fall in love C O M P L I T E L Y. The vibes are not repetitive and makes you hungry for the next time. If you see the Savannah landscapes you will dream to come back to see this view again to the rest of your life.

The stats and numbers are not very promising perhaps and don’t ignore them while planning your backpacking journey to Africa. However just consider that your travelling style would be different and perhaps you should take a bit more money that you would take for your trip to Asia. However it is absolutely worth it!


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