10 places to travel for less than 10 $ a day

I like to travel cheap and the most raw place – perhaps to rest from a city life full of consumption. In this post, I will be letting you into the real price of travel to help inform and prepare for your next trip. The selected 10 is based on lowerst prices, safety & attractions (nature, culture & leisure). Read below where you can travel and with you small budget feel like a king.

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1. Cambodia

Most of the people travel to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat – temple complex where Tom Rider with with Angelina Jolie has been shooted. But this country has so much more to offer. It is really fascinating to observe how this country slowly transfer from agriculture into urban / industrial. Not to mentioned pretty dark history that many of you will find compelling.  And the beaches – some of them are just outstanding with relaxing vibes.

Really cool place! So hurry up before it gets really crowded and become as other “developed” places 😉


  • Double fan room for two: around $4-5
  • Double air con rooms: $6 – 8
  • Step up to medium range accommodation: $10 – 20
  • Average price for a meal: 1-2 $.

Estimate a 10-day trip through Cambodia will cost you between 50$ to 250$ depending on your travel style and attractions of course.

giphy (5).gifNr. 2: Venezuela –…. a country where you can get 12 beers for …..one dollar. 

For less than $10 you can expect a three course dinner in a truly classy establishment with a couple of cocktails to wash it all down.

For $5 dollars you can stay in 5 stars hotel. So with a budget of around $100 a week you can live literally like a king.

With a budget of around $100 a week, you can live like a king…. a literal goddamn king.

giphy (4)

Just joking with this one …

3. Sri Lanka

A truly paradise island with amazing, weather, kind and friendly local people ( a bit shy sometimes) and so many attractions and activities to choose from. Amazing beaches, perfect also for surfers and diving lovers. Beautiful Asian temples (Hindu & Buddhist) and churches. Jungle attractions, mountains & safaris….and it’s simply cheap!

You can easly get a room for 5$ and your meal for 2 or 3$ but perhaps don’t search on booking.com just ask locals. They are so friendly  and always try to help.


4. Iran

The country is so much full of ancient history and underground culture but also a beautiful nature and – extremely friendly people. It is incredibly easy to hitchhike in Iran and the Couchsurfing community enables broke backpackers to travel Iran on a budget of just ten dollars a day or less. Most likely Iran might be the best budget backpacking option in the world right now. Just try to eat outside the tourist area, don’t use VIP buses, get an Iranian SIM card and enjoy this magical country.

Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque (Pink Mosque) in Shiraz, Iran.

5. Pakistan

The media has painted the country in an unfortunate light, a fact most Pakistanis are painfully aware of but most likely you will be greeted by friendly faces and incredibly helpful  and generous people who will offer you are food and chai (karaoke tea). Honestly – people and the experience of hospitality are one of the reasons to visit Pakistan. Combine that with relatively cheap travel costs, plentiful treks and truly stunning mountains and you have one hell of a great backpacking destination! The only thing that sucks about Pakistan is the visa cost and hassle for most of the nationalities.


6. Nepal

Whether it’s short or long time that you can spend in Nepal, it’s gonna be cheap and raw. Bed & breakfast,  in a Nepalese family or hostel – both equally cheap and good. Dedicate 1-2-day for sightseeing in Kathmandu (the capital city) & go immediately to the country side to get a breathtaking view of Himalayas.

If you don’t have much time – I recommend to plan a short trekking in Nagargot, 3 hours from Kathmandu. If you have at least 10-14 days for a real Himalayas trekking, take flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and do a life-time experience while trekking in Annapurna massif.

GettyImages-170881381-573ab0fd3df78c6bb0eeca42Hiker posing at camera on the trek in Himalayas, Nepal

7. India


Either you love it or you hate, right? That’s right. India was always a controversial destination but one thing isn’t under any discussion. It’s definitely one of the most affordable destinations with so many places to discover. Stunning beaches in Goa, city tours in Mumbai or Delhi and famous Tai Mahal. Oh, and the mountaineering….giphy,jbjb

You can really find a room for even 1$ per night so just imagine how many things you can actually afford in India with even low budget.



8. Ukraine


Due to the current conflict with Russia the local currency has seriously devalued making it a great and budget place in Europe to get by on a cheap budget. Head to historic Lviv city and the Carpathian Mountains in the west, or go chill/party on the Black Sea coast. Beer can cost you roughly 1$, a night could cost you 5$ and delicious meal around 3$ or less.


9. Bolivia

Located in the center of Latin America and named after the hero of South America, Simon Bolivar, it became an independent country in 1825 after a long war against the Spanish conquistadors. It’s one of the most ethnically diverse and developing countries in the region that still remains raw and stunning landscapes that will take your breath away. One of the best parts about backpacking Bolivia is that all of this can be done on a broke backpacker budget. Compared to nearby Chile and Argentina, Bolivia is an incredible bargain.lapazmountains.jpg.optimal

10. The Philippines

With seven thousand islands to explore, backpacking the Philippines is a different experience from traveling around the rest of South East Asia. Cheap beer and epic parties, beautiful beaches, mysterious jungles, active volcanoes and chocolate hills make this place paradise for backpacking travelers. It’s one of the easiest countries in the world to travel as well and you gonna make amazing friends there – both with other travelers and locals.



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