Pakistani minority in UAE

Dubai is full of contrasts and so full of cultural diversity. The highest and most modern buildings in the world on one hand.  Working camps where 4 to 6 people live together in one room on the other. Fancy places and fashionable people driving the most expensive cars. European, Americans, Canadians, Arabs, Indians or Philipinos – random mix of almost all nationalities packed in one place. Silence of endless desert & noisy streets and even up to 8 lines roads for cars that still can be completely blocked!

Boom! Welcome to Dubai. The place so unique and contrasty that can not be ever repeated.

I have meet group of Afgani and Pakistani ” Pashtuns” wearing so traditional outfit right in the middle media city in Dubai – a business district full of skyscrapers: offices and hotels. These Pashtuns are security guards on one of the unformal parkings there.  They spend all day in the sun and chill under the trees from time to time. So friendly and complaisantly  greeting their customer on the parking, even if you pass them twice or four times a day.

Pashtuns are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and significant minority (15%) in Pakistan. A recent Pashtun diaspora has also developed in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, primarily in the United Arab Emirates.

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