Oman – undiscovered magic

Oman isn’t great at self-promotion. And that is a shame. Unlike the neighboring country – UAE and Dubai, Omani don’t really bother about being the richest, high-tech or progressive but they know that their country is beautiful and unique and deserve to be seen!



As we all watch hundreds of images from different places all the time,  we can easly picture typical landscape of Europe or Asia. We can be pretty accurate in picturing Bali, Thailand, Dubai, Italy or France, even without visiting this places thanks to internet and tv.

How do we picture Oman?

“Muslim, endless and unvarying landscapes of mountains and desert.  Mosques everywhere and people walking with guns and camels ….maybe a war even ?”

Well, most likely that would be a typical image that people associate with most of the Arabic countries thanks to media (sorry fellows). That isn’t the right way to picture Oman though. The country is so diverse in terms of nature.  You can observe different types of desert, mountains and even amazing greenery. Most of the people are muslims – indeed! But they are also extremely warm, nice and friendly creatures.

So how to travel Oman and what to see there exactly?

First of all all the magic of Oman starts out of the townie’s life! Muscat –  the capital city is ….frankly speaking pretty boring! Other cities – however a bit more exotic but they are not very clean.  Oman is a destination for people who like adventures, nature and activities. Unlike you have a very specific activity – such as sailing, diving, surfing or trekking which Oman is just perfect for as well, there are two main things that you should do while visiting Oman – road & boat trip!

I travelled to Oman by a car few times, directly from UAE. It is really interesting to observe how the landscape is quickly changing. From sandy deserts and tinged mountains to the stunning greenery. It was something  that made me addicted completely. Even if not all places are really clean and hygienic and you can see the camels and goats eating from the trash – yeah! it is still really special and so raw so see those animals walking freely between all this magical landscapes.

You can stop by on completely empty and breath-taking beaches any time while driving a car,  as the highway runs along coastline. You can experience feeling complete freedom among incredible nature and all for you as you will hardly meet any other tourists or even other people.


I went ones for a boat cruise with my friends to spend the night on the traditional Omani wooden ship. Surrounded by mountains, we were stopping by a small islands to enjoy the turtles, dolphins and azure water. The weather was so sunny and perfect for snorkeling. We stopped by on one of a random beach as well as decided to do the trekking. 1 and a half hour of decent walk in the afternoon and we had incredible view for other mountains and the whole stunning-looking gulf.

The only people we have met that time was a group of western tourist camping on a tiny island under the tent and that got me – how unique is this place that you can literally feel like on a world’s edges where almost no-one arrives.

People – is it safe?

If you still worry about the safety, let me explain. Omanis are traditional muslim people that wear traditional outfit, very specific for their culture. They practice a brand of Islam, called Ibadi, known for its openness and hospitality. The constitution prohibits discrimination based on religion. Oman is the only country in the Middle East to score a zero on the Global Terrorism Index and obviously there is no war. So basically it’s a damn safe spot. Your only worry should be to make sure that you have enough supply of water  and good spare tyre in your car in case of anything. The roads stretch for miles and you don’t pass many people on your way really.


Although development and modernizations have been priorities of Sultan Qaboos, Omanis seems to love their traditions, nature & family oriented lifestyle. I have met many Fishermans who told me that they just love their jobs and lifestyle and they wouldn’t change it for modern type of life. Most likely that is why you can still see the handprints of time here. Centuries-old terraced farming villages cling to the sides of mountains and every Friday locals still purchase their livestock at a live goat and cattle auction in Nizwa.

Well, I found Oman one of the most interesting countries to discover that has all the components for amazing and magical time. Watch this incredible vlog below more more insights as I found it as a pretty accurate source to picture Oman in a right way.


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