And so I made to Saudi Arabia

And so I made to Saudi Arabia as recently the country has begun to open and the government allows non-muslim and mot married woman in Saudi Arabia.

I had this rare occasion to go there last week – mainly for work so couldn’t really see Riyadh (modern part and the capital of Saudi) properly.

Obviously, I had to find some spare time for my camera as well….

The country is clearly opening as people were very friendly, very normal (despite all these rumors) but not intrusive at all and very professional. No one stared at me and my female colleagues, even though we were probably the only women that were not covering their hair and faces on the streets- as it is not obligatory in Saudi Arabia nowadays. I wasn’t sure about this last point before coming to Saudi as the rumors say that woman should be fully covered in Saudi, including hair and her face. That is not a case apparently and so I and my colleagues were wearing an abaya (the black outfit) that covers the body (corpus, hands, and legs). I felt that everybody treats me equally. Man ware shaking hands with me and treated me absolutely professional, at least Saudi men 😛 That’s all that I can say so far about this few days in Saudi. I hope, my pictures will add some more thoughts……

Hoping for another visit in this undiscovered and still quite raw country….


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