Christmas in Dubai


You would be probably surprised knowing how festive it could be in Dubai before and during Christmas time. Christmas trees, Santa Claus and beautiful lights spreading all over the shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and streets in the middle of this Islamic country that respects other cultures and religions.

Dubai officially stands for religious tolerance so any religion and belief are welcome if they’re not harming others.

Moreover, Muslim people believe in Jesus. He was another prophet for them – the same as Mohamed and Christianity was the religion and message to the humanity that came before Islam.

So the only difference is that all prophets in Islam are humans and  Jesus is considered as a human-beeing as well – not as the son of God.

For many marketers out there, Christmas is an amazing occasion to get some money out of our pockets so when we get all these factors together it should make sense why in this Islamic country you can see many events and symbols related to Christmas and why almost all companies organize Christmas parties for their employees – before actual Christian expats leave for  Christmas to their countries. Christian or not, people gather all together and use this occasion to build the team spirit, summarise the year and get ready before each New Business Year.

All This preparation for a dinner – listening to the Christmas carols and making a Christmas tree in the office with my colleagues made me feel really festive and I almost felt like home.

I think Christmas is all about getting together, right?

….and maybe also spending money, Santa Claus and Christmas Tree.


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