Al Qudra – city dessert in Dubai



There are parks in Dubai. For sure there are some.
Surprisingly in each park, there are trees (read: palm trees😅), grass and flowers and all of them they are pretty well equipped for all types of activities: for families and kids or sporty people too. But if you seek for nature, the feeling of freedom and limitless landscape (useful if you’ve got a dog for instance), this city dessert – Al Qudra, located only 30 min away from some of the most modern spots in Dubai like Burj Arab or Marina will give you all. The place is great for walks, taking out your dog, organizing a bonfire or barbeque with friends or if you just search for a place to stay away from all that city noises and crazy consumerism.
More and more people go there nowadays for yoga or meditation retreats. Also, you might be lucky enough to meet some camels on your way who are such lovely and strange creatures:)

And you, have you ever been to Al Qudra? What was your experience?




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