Maja – garden session

Sometimes no posing is the best posing and this girl proves that. Natural look and charm is just priceless when it comes to portrait photography and the best way to get that is by trying to relax and have some fun! Take an example from this girl. She didn’t really care about the pictures and she just tried to had fun. Results? I love her look and how she did as a model.

D84A9444D84A9452D84A9461 copyD84A9449 copyD84A9442_1D84A9462 copyD84A9509D84A9525D84A9529D84A9537D84A9556 copyD84A9569 copyD84A9637 2D84A9651D84A9660D84A9666D84A9670_2D84A9573D84A9571


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