My first ever wedding video just hit 100,000 views on YouTube!

Usually I am not bragging and I prefer to stay modest but I am sharing this news, because it surprised me BIG TIME. Who would have thought that I would get such popularity among Sudanese people on YouTube with this simple video. That was my first ever wedding video that I had shooted while living in UAE. I truly hate attending weddings but this one – a Sudanese wedding sounded really exotic to me so I decided to say “YES, I’m gonna do it”. It was fun to watch hudge differences between Polish traditions – an initiation process of the bride and the groom (starting at 2,35 min of the video). Also what supriced me it was a diversity among the guest confirming openness of Sudanese couple and family. Traditional music and dance – full of joy were such fun to everyone! I hope you enjoyed watching the video as I enjoyed shooting it and participating to this wedding.

One hundred years to the married couple!!

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