Healing by feeling ?

Is it possible that releasing trapped emotions can help us move up Dr. David Hawkins’ scale of consciousness?

This is the Scale of Consciousness, by Dr. David Hawkins. In his book, “Power vs. Force,” Dr. Hawkins explains how different emotions create your personal vibration, and your personal vibration directly affects your reality – positively and negatively.

Vibrations at the bottom end of the scale are low frequencies – dominated by negative emotions like anger, shame or fear, while the top of the scale are high frequencies – when we are dominated by positive emotions. Vibrating at the low end of the scale is someone who is not thriving at all, someone with a lot of struggle and suffering.  

The person with the lowest vibration – 20 carry a lot of shame – either it’s due to the current situation or due to the trapped emotion of shame from the past event. In this last case the person experienced some diffucult event that has been crowded out and that causes trapping the emotion as the energy – trapping phisically in our body! It results with low and negative personal vibration. The very extreme example of that is the cases of rape or pedophilia where usually very young victims crowd out the difficult situation from the memory and trap the emotion of shame, that they carry then throughout their whole life very often. This is why is is so important to release difficult emotions by admitting the event and work on untrapping diffucult emotions by different forms of psychotheraphy.

But let’s move on to higher states like the ANGER. This emotion is very often socially not accepted and consider as a destructive emotion and it can surerly be! But it also help us dominate or getting our control back! Someone who is on a lower state – like depression or apathy, anger could actually help the person feel something and get on the feet! So 150: Anger is a moving energy, while 200: Interestingly courage is where one begins to move out of struggle and into solution. Dr. Hawkins also explains how raising your vibration to 500, which is Love, will automatically raise the vibration of 250 people. This scale is by no way meant to define anyone at a fixed place, and no level is wrong or right. As human beings we can fluctuate through the different levels on this scale, for example by practicing guided meditations or simply by experiencing life in more or less joyful situations and having positive thoughts.

How could this be connected to The Emotion Code?

The different range of emotions that we experience can all fit on this scale, and are in harmony with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s premise that when emotions get trapped in a certain organ, the organ begins to resonate at the frequency of that particular emotion or emotions that are trapped there.

Dr. Hawkins’ work would suggest that if we have trapped emotions in the body, we can resonate at the frequency of those emotions, whether below 200 or above ( for instance by practicing guided meditations to reach certain emotions in any other way or by rising our vibration by exposing yourself into positive things). Most of the emotions on the Emotion Code scale resonate below 200. Having these emotions trapped within us could contribute to lowering our overall resonance, thus “weakening” the body, and overriding the natural resonance of “love” that is present innately in us.

Dr. Emoto believed that water is a “blueprint for our reality and that emotional energies and vibrations could change the physical structure of water.” Emoto’s water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetic properties of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography.  Now think about this: water makes up 75% of our bodies.  What are you thinking about yourself or others then?

Certain vibrations attract similar vibrations ? Positive is magnetic to positive and negative to negative? Well, we don’t know yet how it works and social interactions are more complex than just a simple colloquialisms. Like in the video above different vibrations of metronomes can synchronize and influence each other. Music can influence the blueprint of a snowflakes…

How it can reflect between people and when it comes to the personal vibrations?

There might be the tendency that similar personal vibrations are attracting each other. For example – often, speaking colloquially – positive people hang out with other positive people or vice versa – negative could attract other “negative” individuals. Perhaps extremely positive people might attract also extremely negative (plus and minus are magnetic to each other in physics in fact) but that needs to be studied in a more complex way. Also we tend to observe often that depressed people listen to sad music, to release sadness perhaps, which might have healing effect or rock and heavy metal to release the “anger” – perhaps to get their control back and prepare them self to move on? That things need to be study but the whole concept is extremely intriguing and even without a big study yet it is worth trying to get stick to positive in order to create more positive personal vibration for tour own benefit

Sours: http://www.lepszezdrowie.info/hawkins.htm

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