Social network determines the choice of your partners

People often think that they met the life partner because of destiny or sparkle of luck. For instance most Americans are convinced that their decision about life partner is complitely unconditional and on their own choice. Is that a case?

Our social network largely determines our choices. When scientists analyze stories of how people met their life partners, you can see that these meetings were not accidental at all! Well, most often the future couples are connected by a friend of a friend or three degrees of distance (friend of a friend of a friend). Knowing someone through common friends is less risky and we have more information about the partner (and also we do not have to get them by ourself complitely). Accidental meetings of the life partner – – we see in the movies often, is an exception in the real world.

Usually our future partners are somewhere among 8,000 people who are maximum three degrees of friends and colleagues away from us. 60% of respondents from the Chicago sex-survey met their future spouses at school, work, at a party, in a church or social club. 10% of respondents – in a pub, by advertisement or on vacation. 1 in 9 Internet users in the US used a dating site (most popular:, 43% of those using dating sites were on a date with someone they met online, 17% of them created a relationship, including marriage. It is estimated that 3% of marriages met online. However the trend is increasing and would be as we observe the social change. For instance in 1914-1960, 15-20% of respondents met their future spouses near the house, in 1984 only 3%.

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