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Street vendors
Portrait of a Hmong girl and her friend, a Red Yao girl. When the school is off, the children enjoy hanging out in the town central, some of them even sell sourvenirs.
Bus chasing
A group of street vendors in Ta Phin run after a moving tourist van. This is one of the way they do to attract tourists to buy their products.
Laundry carrier
Portrait of two Hmong babies. One of them carries her laundry on her back.
Street Vendors
Portrait of a pair Red Yao street vendors in Sa Pa town.
Kinh Wave: The beginning
Backpacker 2
Babysitters 2
A Hmong grandfather carries his two grandchildren home from shopping.
Family farming
Family farming is a common practice in the village of Sin Chai, where an extended families join forces to work in each other farms. Their fields can be really high up on mountains.

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