The world is our place and we are all equal human beings. But is the world equal to all of us?

I am sorry to upset you but this world is not white and black and neither happy or unhappy. There is no one right model of Men and Women. Cultural diversity proves that. Neither is there an existence of only man and woman on this earth. We are not all straight and probably the existence of God is a fairy tale contrary to what has been told to us since our childhood.

I have many friends that speak different languages that I consider as my very good colleagues or very close friends. They all have the exact same dreams and desires.

95 % of this WORLD is full of poor and confused PEOPLE.

Occasionally we discover beautiful, breathtaking places that remind us of bygone eras and passed times. We can then look at the present and ask ourselves – Is the future going to be a good place for our children? The World Colors has been created to express different social issues across the world to show the cultural diversity and promote openness.